Nia Dana


Jewelry care


To take care of your Nia Dana jewelry follow these tips:

- Avoid any contact with water, pefumes, creams and other cosmetic or personal care products.

-Don´t wear them while you are exercising / doing intense activities or swiming in the pool/sea.

- When you are not wearing them always keep them in a jewelry box or in the same box where you received them. Avoid leaving them on surfaces that are exposed to the air.

-Sterling silver is a noble metal that due to its nature it may darken (oxidize) with time. Use the polishing cloth that we send you to clean the jewels every now and then.


All the goldplated jewels are sterling silver plated with 5 microns of 24 karats yellow gold. That means that they are covered with a thin layer of gold. If you don´t take good care of your goldplated jewels the layer can fade a little bit so we recommend to follow the same tips for the sterling silver pieces.


Polymer clay is a synthetic material that does not require much care, but we apply an special glaze to make them shiny, so we also recommend avoid contact with perfumes, soaps, cosmetics and water.